Reflex (Germany)

The Reflex brand name is well known in Europe and throughout the world. The high-performance range of products provided by our company, the “Reflex Winkelmann GmbH & Co KG” with its headquarters in the Westfalian city of Ahlen, comprises approved and innovative products of heating, energy and systems engineering: diaphragm expansion vessels,compressor and pump-controlled pressurization systems, deaeration and heat exchanger systems.



Throughout a continuous dialogue between science and practice for decades Reflex achieved its know-how in the fields of development, manufacturing and sales and distribution, which is much valued by our customers.

The exchange with our partners often stimulates the conception and design of forward-looking innovative solutions.

Thus, the trendsetting equipment know-how of the Reflex company in combination with a research cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden resulted in the development and the technology of the ‘variomat’ and ‘servitec’ brand products.
Having a wide spectrum of products, having the toughest and most dependable tanks in the industry, being one of the first companies in our branch to obtain ISO 9001 certification several years ago, offering the customer the best buy in quality for each product, with Reflex’ continuous search and development of new products to match market needs, with unfailing support for customer service, with professional technical back-up and the possibility to tailor solutions to specifying engineers and heating contractors and with maximum care to conservation of our environment:
All the above features make Reflex the leader in our field today
Reflex product range covers:
  • Pressure vessels with replaceable and non replaceable membranes with 6, 10, 16, and 25 bar pressure rating
  • Expansion vessels for heating, cooling, and solar systems
  • Pressurization units for heating, cooling, and solar systems
  • Water make-up and de-aeration systems
  • Heat exchanger systems
  • Electronic modules

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